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Highly Functional Cabinetry Services

If you are looking for woodwork of the highest order, look no further than Paragon Cabinet Co. Our cabinets will not only add to the decor of your room but also offer a lot of additional space.

It is especially recommended for rooms which don't have enough functional space. Call us today at 319-354-9132 for more information.

Our personable staff will gladly show you around and answer your questions. Visit our store at 128 Lafayette St.
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Our Exquisite Museum Creations

Museum Creations
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Has the footfall in your museum been low lately? If the answer is a resounding yes, you can change the tide by adding our museum creations to your list of exhibits. 

They have been created with a lot of passion and care, and are aesthetically pleasing. FREE estimates are available. Rely on the knowledge and artistic skills of our experienced craftsmen and you won't be disappointed.   

Our products and services are also very affordable.
Our Museum Creations

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